Permaculture and Me

My younger daughter, who lives nearby, recently managed to talk me into having my yard permacultured. She claims that a Permaculture garden will feed myself and Stan, and her as well. And that it won’t require a whole lot of work, once it’s installed. But this is all new to me, so she’s making me read a book called Gaia’s Garden. The more I learn about this Permaculture stuff, the more fascinated I become. I have spent my life studying patterns found in nature, but I never thought about the garden as a practical application. And Permaculture goes way beyond the garden. It works in all facets of life, if you let it. What is Permaculture? Well that’s a tricky question. It is an applied ecological design science that has to do with working with Nature, not against her. Permaculture observes Nature and takes away lessons which are applied to everything. Permaculture tweaks Nature to help her supply us with foods and materials. Permaculture copies Nature. Permaculture is sustainable and regenerative. For more information on Permaculture, visit (Sample blog post written by Jenna Wikler.)


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